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This is based on a Pay-it-forward model* and websites given for Free are limited.

The truly FREE website movement exclusively for Cagayan de Oro Businesses

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The #1 goal for a new business is to let all of the right people know about it - as many as possible.

It's crucial to be ever present, because people need to know and trust your business before they can interact. The problem is: It's easy enough to make you business present on Facebook because it's free, but for Google, you will need a website to be effectively searchable - luckily we have inCagayan.

Hop on and register a free account to join others and make your business searchable on Google.

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We'd love to help a thousand more!

Here's why it's FREE for CDO

We want websites to be truly Free!

Why? A website is very important for a business - and for this reason, we've seen a lot of businesses invest PHP30,000 to PHP50,0000 for a website and fail. Later on realizing that owning a website requires experience.
Nobody gets it right the first time - you have to learn how to run one for your business!

So while you're still finding your groove, or testing around with the right message and presentation. We want you to start Free and grow it larger with it's own ROI.

We want your website to pay for itself.

The #1 reason your website is as important as your store front

Your website is your storefront online. The only difference is that it's capable of being open 24/7!

And like physical customers, they 

People start checking your business online, before they look for your physical storefront.