Mall Events

Sugar Town 2019

The Grand Finale of 2019 features SM's Sugar Town themed design. Cosplayers were encouraged to wear their best costumes and to participate in the activities and games. 

Re:Con 2019

The event for those who love to cosplay and roleplay at the same time. For the very first time, an event which has an Original Character Competition. Also held during this event is the Time Crisis Art competition where the artists are only given a limited amount of time to finish their drawings.

Hobbycon 2019

The midyear big event of Legends for Hire. Hobbycon is the event where the hobbyists of CDO get to showcase their amazing talents as well as their products. From Toy collectors, to cosplayers to magicians. The main event of Hobbycon is the Legends Got Talent, where cosplayers get to cosplay and perform on stage. Hobbycon remains to be one of Legends' flagship events.

Gameon 2019

Gameon is Legends' Game themed cosplay event. During Gameon, cosplayers were requested to wear costumes from games. We also had a Tekken Competition as well as a Mobile Legends tournament. Gameon remains to be one of the big 4 events of Legends.

Linked 2019

In partnership with Relic. Linked 2019 featured rig collectors and gamers. The theme of the event is "tech" so most of the cosplayers who attended cosplayed cyber characters.


A Valentines themed cosplay event. The event features a pair only competition. 


Winter Magic Cosplay

The culmination of all events in 2018. The Winter Magic Cosplay features a variety show instead of the usual competition. There were also booths for cosplayers to buy food from.

BNHA Block Screening

A block screening event for the premier of My Hero Academia The Movie. The movie goers were encouraged to cosplay any character from Boku no Hero.

Cosplay Roku-ju

The 2nd cosplay event of Legends for Hire featured 2 categories in cosplay. The solo category and the walk in category. This is where the art session first started out.

Re:con 2018

The First ever cosplay event organized by Legends for Hire. The event is called "Re:con" as a symbol for the cosplayers in CDO to reconnect, as there have been no event for the past few months.

Charity Events

Red Lemon X CCF x Legends for Hire Outreach

SM X Eagles X Legends Bears of Joy Outreach 2018

SM X Eagles X Legends Bears of Joy Outreach 2019

City Events

CDO Fiesta Cosplay Parade 2019


ALL HOME Halloween Event

SM 3-Day Sale


Ronin's Birthday Party

SM Cinema: Avengers Endgame


Globe: Avengers Infinity War

Globe: Black Panther

Ayala Cinema: Star Wars

Ayala Cinema: Avengers Infinity War

Limketkai: Justice League

Ayala Cinema: Thor Ragnarok

Ayala Cinema: Spiderman Homecoming

SM: Guardians of the Galaxy